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How we can help 2471+ #jobseekers - Live Preview!

How we can help 2471+ #jobseekers - Live Preview!

We have more than 36+ years combined in recruitment work experience!

We want to empower you for the following topic Tonight:

"6 Reasons you won't get any job offer during this crisis"

- Lack of Career Strategy

- Lack of Job Search Focus

- Lack of Interview Preparation

- Lack of Relationship & Networking

- Lack of Creativity & Confidence in Job Search

- Lack of HR Knowledge and don't know the process

LinkedIn Live - Date & Time: May 19th 2020 (Tue) at 10:30pm HKT (UTC +8)

Hosted by: Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser; General Manager, nextRoles

Panel Speakers: JAMES FOK🔅 Your Career Buddy; Founder, Positive Victory

We will also give you tips on how you can secure your Interview, your career search direction, as well as what you should do during this crisis, e.g. what to do during layoffs and More!!

Our 4 Asia Recruitment Experts will have also have a LIVE event on May 21st 2020.

Registration: Go to nextRoles, then click the "Sign Up" button!

Stay tuned and ask us answers by leaving comments here! Talk to you soon!


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