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How to Write your CV like an HR Professional?

How to Write your CV like an HR Professional?

Discover some useful tips to help make your CV stand out from the crowd!

First impressions count, especially when you applying for jobs!

CV allows you to summarize your education skills and work experience to sell your abilities.

So, please include the following in your CV:

- To include contact details, i.e. your name, email, and mobile number

- NOT to include old information or irrelevant personal data, e.g. photo, date of birth

- To have a profile (concise statement) that highlights your key attributes

- NOT to have packed texts, bad formatting, tables, logos, jargons or the abbreviations

- To use active action verbs when possible to present yourself as a person who shows initiative

- NOT to provide names of the referees at this stage, no need to say "References available upon request"

- To choose professional fonts, have good section headings and spacing in your CV

If you have doubts and need any help with your CV, I'm happy to review yours!!

Interested to get professional advice from me, please do all the following:

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for career advice

- Comment: Review, so that I know you need my help

- Like this post, share with your friends, so that I can help more people


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