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How to Use Images to Stand Out on LinkedIn

How to Use Images to Stand Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media site that favorite images (more than video).

Basic: You should have a professional headshot photo & cover photo.

It creates your first impression & tells people who you are!

It connects a face to your name, so this is important for you!

You can upload Images for each section (e.g. experience, education, etc)

So that you can enhance your summary & profile.

Or upload media so that you can feature in your Profile.

Media can include external documents, photos, sites, videos & presentations.

And carefully select the correct company or school or organization.

That will show their logo & this is a good image in your profile.

In addition, you can have an image in your post or article as well.

Everyone knows if you write, include an image that will perform better.

And a good size image for a status update is 550 x 375 pixels.

Please you should provide great content combined with excellent images.

In general, to create content that helps & inspires people!

Don't forget to ask your connection to recommend or endorse your skills.

Because their profile image will be showing on your profile page as well.

If you want to learn more about LinkedIn Tricks, please send me a Direct Message!


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