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How to use #clubhouse to have leads and sales on LinkedIn?

How to use #clubhouse to have leads and sales on LinkedIn?

Particularly for Introvert without being a moderator or speak??

Without a huge following or spending a whole day on the app.

Here are my tips so that you don't burn out your time: 👇

1. Go to a room with your ideal clients and your familiar topics!

2. Hide in the crowd and you don't need to say anything!

3. Find out the name of the people asking questions for help!

4. Use a notebook to write down the questions they asked.

5. Find them on LinkedIn or IG or Twitter, Connect & DM them.

6. Solve their problem & provide solutions to their questions!

7. Bridge into discussing potential benefits to work with you...

8. Pivot into a call, and build the relationship. Make sense??

I like clubhouse but I really can't be bothered my time on it.

And I'm not able to get on stage in big rooms like many gurus.

I have fewer followers than others... But it doesn't matter!

I'm still able to acquire clients, get leads and sales!!

If you need more help pls. let me know by...

- Follow Win The LinkedIn

- Like and/or share this post to help other members!

- Comment: SUPPORT, so that I'll provide 2 hours of LinkedIn training and quickly scan & audit your profile

But if you need an invite to join Clubhouse, send me a DM pls!.

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