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How to Turn Your Job Interview into Offer?

How to Turn Your Job Interview into Offer?

Does everyone want to Interview once and get the job offer from your ideal company right away?

Here are some quick tips so that you can master your Interview, as well as leave a very good impression on your Interviewer.

• Be STAR storyteller – Situation, Task, Action, Result It is good to tackle difficult or competency-based questions. Always explain & relate to your past projects or working experiences.

• Be prepared – Think about your whole career, list out all your achievements and come up with a list of competencies and skills that you have

• Be truthful – don’t create fantasy stories, must be related to your actual work, and provide facts on the work you’ve done.

• Be focus on the Positive side that reflects your success and achievements. But when they ask about the not-so-good side, focus on what did you learn and how would you change it (if you have a chance to do it again).

• Be careful not to reveal any employer’s confidential information and more importantly, do not bad mouth your previous company, boss, teammates, etc.

I hope it helps you, and if you still have doubts, I would suggest you consult your Recruitment Adviser.


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