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How to Turn a USD9.9 Review CV Program into USD197

How to Turn a USD9.9 Review CV Program into USD197

During #Coronavirus outbreak, does your job affected?

Do you think Career Coach will teach you how to find a job? Really?

It can be easy to say: You can contact the CEO, message the hiring manager directly to get unlimited Interviews!

But even if you have an Interview, will this hire be approved?

I tried to look at some job boards, the market is really quiet.

Heard from my recruiter friends, they said: "In survival mode."

You need to develop some other income skills & streams!

If you are unemployed, be prepared you needed a longer time to get back to work.

So if nobody knows you, All you have is An Idea, A Laptop & Internet Connection.

Do you know you can utilize your LinkedIn to earn money without paying advertising costs?

No, I don't think so, because people are fearful of #covid19.

However, when I started my review CV program in Feb 2019, my price increased a lot.

Because you have provided good value to the market & people need your expertise.

If you need to learn more about my Review CV & LinkedIn Program, please send me a DM.

Also, I'm going to share with you my journey & what I did to monetize LinkedIn.


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Keith Lau #nextRoles



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