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How to Prepare for Interview & Questions?? 👇

How to Prepare for Interview & Questions?? 👇

1. Research the industry and company

2. Think about your "Selling points" and the reasons you want the job.

3. Anticipate the Interviewer's concerns and reservations

4. Practice for some Common Interview questions

5. Think about any questions to ask the Interviewer

6. Practice, Practice, and keep practice!

7. Ensure you have the first 15 mins Success!

8. Think on behalf of your Interviewer (on the same side)

9. Be assertive and take responsibility for the Interview

10. Be ready to handle challenging or inappropriate questions

11. Make your self-introduction "Smooth"

12. Think positive and always listening

13. Close on a positive note and follow-up

14. Bring a few copies of your resume to every Interview

15. Don't worry about "dead air", use some time to think before you answer

16. Lead the flow after your self-introduction

17. Remind to use proper body language

18. Prepare for "behaviour-based" Interviews

19. Send "Thank You" note afterward

20. Don't give up! Have HOPE!

If you need help with the Interview, James Lee and Keith LAU have a LIVE Demo to help you!

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