How to prepare for a competency-based Interview?

How to prepare for a competency-based Interview?

The key to providing successful answers to competency questions is preparation.

Competency-based Interview also known as structured or situational Interviews.

It's designed to test one or more skills or competencies and your past behaviour.

Usually, Key competencies identified by an employer include:

- Adaptability

- Collaboration

- Commercial Awareness

- Communication

- Conflict resolution

- Critical thinking

- Creativity

- Decisiveness

- Independence

- Innovation

- Flexibility

- Leadership

- Problem Solving

- Project Management

- Organization

- Resilience

- Teamwork

Always Familiarise yourself with the STAR approach to answering these types of questions.

And remember to practice your responses with a friend, a family member or your Recruitment Adviser!

I do want to provide help with you and to prepare for your next Interview together.

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