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How to Plan & Get Prepared your Career in Banking Industry?

How to Plan & Get Prepared your Career in Banking Industry?

I was invited by Education University to deliver a Career Talk.

They are using hybrid mode via Zoom & Face-to-Face meeting.

Empowered more than 30+ graduating students with my sharing!

Even people who study Education or any discipline can work for Banks.

Change your mindset & excel in your Cover Letter, CV & Interview skills.

My training is 2 hours, teach students exactly what they should do.

Share with them the experience when I worked for UBS & HSBC.

What kind of Roles & Job requirements for some banking operations.

So you'll understand their hiring process & what talent they are looking for.

There is also a Banking Talent Programme accepting Job Applications.

Not sure whether you are ready yet? I want to help more graduating students!!

In order to land your dream career, if you want to learn exactly what I taught them...

I can organize a LIVE Webinar for you or I can share with you the recordings.

This is FREE. Interested to have the exact presentation (in Cantonese). Please do:

- Like & Comment: Recording

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

- Share to your fellow students who want to work for Banks (or iBanks)

I hope I can add value to your career & guide you in the right direction.


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