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How to Overcome Fear Of Interview? 10 Ways here:

How to Overcome Fear Of Interview? 10 Ways here:

1) Practice Makes Permanent!

Try to have a Mock Interview with Your Recruitment Adviser or your friends!

2) Visualize your next Interview, come up with FAQ and prepare your story / answer

3) Network with People and more sharing about the Interview process

4) Relax - Find other ways to test your muscles, and be calm before the Interview.

Particularly when people ask you something that you don't understand.

5) Review your previous Interview, what did you do well, what you can improve

6) Join some organization to practice speaking in front of people, e.g. Toastmasters Club

7) Read Internet resources about Interview questions, and ask yourself random questions

8) Exercise and do something you like to improve your physical and emotional state!

9) Schedule a coaching session with Experts and let them provide honest feedback to you

10) Reflect yourself before you are lying in bed at night, go through your life and career!

Take it easy, If Interview A does not work out, you still have B, C, D, E, F...

Good luck & wish you all the best!

If you want to equip your Interview skills, type Comment: "Interview" & I'll try to help you!!

Send me a DM if you want me to solve your personalized career needs.


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