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How to Handle LinkedIn Scammers?

How to Handle LinkedIn Scammers?

Common Scams and How to Avoid Them? 👇

- Fake Member Invitation

e.g. No photo, profile no details, or perhaps using fake email

- Direct Message Scam

e.g. Fake Request for your Personal Info (pretend to be admin)

e.g. They can give you a certain amount of money (but you need to...)

So, what you can do to spot them out: 👇

- Don't click any links

- Look at their profile and cross-check

- Look at the validity of the email address

- Don't provide any personal info or CV

- Don't open any attachments

- Check their grammar or message format if it is authentic

- Block or Report them to LinkedIn

- Ignore the Invitation, etc.

You will likely receive these kinds of scams regularly, so be smart to any Fake Job Offers, illegitimate contact requests, Phishing messages, avoid paying or click anything, and finally... always contact LinkedIn technical support if you have doubts.

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👉 Let's Win The LinkedIn!~



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