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How to handle frustrations after the Interview?

How to handle frustrations after the Interview?

Being rejected after a job interview can severely affect your daily life, you will be unhappy, angry..

Personally I’ve been interviewed for more than 300 jobs and most of the time I fail as well.

So, whether you perform good or bad in your Interivew, my suggestion is to write a follow-up email.

Thanks for their time and opportunity. It is a simple yet polite gesture and shows your interest.

Keep in close touch with them and you never know what can happen later.

Secondly, you can review your resume and Interview approach. Did you make any mistakes?

It’s just a reflection and that can make a great impact on the outcome of your next Interview.

You could also narrow your search according to the feedback that you may obtain.

And don’t hesitate to consult your Recruitment Adviser and seek expert advice.

Finally, Relax! You will get tired as push yourself too hard from time to time Don’t burn out!

In the end, you just need one opportunity that will work out, so you have to believe in yourself!

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