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How to Handle Competency-based Interview

How to Handle Competency-based Interview

Yesterday in my 30 Days program video, said you can handle the answers with STAR Approach:

Situation - What's was the background or the case specifically?

Task - What are your challenges or what task were you assigned to do?

Action - What actually you did, the action you took, how you do it and why you did it?

The result - What you have accomplished & perhaps something that you learned?

You can prepare the story & provide examples to back up your previous work achievements.

But what if you are not able to answer the Interviewer or don't know the answer?

What did you do?

- Listen Carefully, ask for clarification, and don't be afraid to use some time to think about it

- Always try to answer something, and if you really don't know, say you want to give a try

- If you are going to answer, remember the STAR approach, practice & prepare the questions

- Also, should be storytelling, related to previous work & projects. Speak slowly and firmly!

- Find a friend or Recruitment Adviser for Mock Interview and find someone to provide opinion

If you need Interview Tips & join my FREE Zoom Group Coaching Call this Saturday:

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