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How to Grow Your Network While You're Searching for Jobs?

How to Grow Your Network While You're Searching for Jobs? I want to help you to grow your network and have more connections!! Guarantee the results --> Simply do these: 1 - like this post 2 - comment 3 - connect with other people also like & comment! That's so simple! Or you should Follow Me for More Career Advice! --> Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser AND... There is another way for you to learn how to Use LinkedIn and Add More Connection easily!! 👉 Join our FREE webinar (on coming Monday at 10pm) Conducted by Me and James Lee MBA (Melbourne) - We will be sharing our journey for how to grow & nurture our followers - Benefits of Strong Personal Branding and Start Monetization (e.g. hosting webinars!) - How to effortlessly attract people, network effectively but not blindly push/sell people! If you want to sign up: Please Comment: JOIN I will then send you the LINK to enroll it for FREE! Those in my connection are fabulous people: JAMES FOK🔅 Your Career Buddy Edward Zia Trisha Chapman ✍ Cindi Wirawan 林幸妮 🌟Your Millennial Career Coach Nidhi Chauhan☀️ Your Recruitment Coach🎯 #nextRoles #linkedin #business #management #humanresources


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