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How to get more views on LinkedIn Content?

How to get more views on LinkedIn Content?

4 Ways you should follow to boost your exposure 👇

1. Optimize your content for mobile screens!

Don’t write a long post or packed with text. The best image size is 1200 x 628 for your post

2. Don’t put the link to your website in your post directly!

LinkedIn penalizes content that directs users away from their platform. Instead, put the link in the post comment below your post.

3. Encourage comments and reply to every single one!

Your content only goes viral if enough people comment on your post. The more people comment and interact, the more see it.

4. Make sure your posts have the correct format!

Different users prefer different content types and lengths. You need to experiment and catch the eyes of your followers!

Finally, you may also leverage to create Group Chats to boost engagement!

There are more tactics available and guide you step by step.

If you need any help to generate more traffic and sales leads…

Let’s discuss this further & send me a direct message!

If you want me to scan and audit your profile, please do this:

- Like or share this post to help your friends understand the LinkedIn algorithm

- Follow Keith LAU – Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer

Comment: #LinkedIn below so that I know how to connect with you!



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