How to Get Hired FAST even if you are Jobless, Old & have huge employment gaps

How to Get Hired FAST even if you are Jobless, Old & have huge employment gaps

4 World-class Recruitment Experts in Asia to teach you how!

Join Us LIVE on May 21st (Thu) at 9:30pm (UTC+8) to Win the Career Game!

Our Advanced Mini-Masterclass in this Crisis time help you to get your dream job with our Winning Formula!!

What you will discover...

From Keith

Powerful LinkedIn Tricks which will help you to search for a job more efficiently and effectively

From James

The Battle Proven Job Search approach no one is talking about and how to use it to find hidden job opportunities

From Cindi

Her 5 Step Career Strategy Blueprint so you can plan for your career during uncertain times

From Nidhi

How to ace the personal Interview and leave a lasting impression on the recruiters. And to discover a powerful, secret tool to get your CV through even without a software scan to stand out

Registration Link:

Registration Fee: Early Bird - USD12.9

For Action Takers, send me a direct message and I can send you a discount coupon code!

We are coming together as a new force, new approach, new idea to provide you a FORMULA to secure an offer within 21 days!

Don't miss it! Follow Us & #nextRoles hashtag!

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