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How to Fully Utilize 40 mins on ZOOM??

How to Fully Utilize 40 mins on ZOOM??

Last night, I've successfully conducted my first FREE Group Coaching Session.

I've answered many questions, have a quick presentation, and about 50 registered participants.

Empowered them to find jobs in creative ways without applying.

Helping is fun & feels satisfied, and I also got recommendations from them.

When people send messages to me, I'll provide additional support to them, so I feel happy.

Some messages warm my heart, such as: "Hey Keith, Hope you are doing great. Just wanted to let you know that the Live session was great. Really appreciate the effort. It was really helpful. Thank you so much. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

And message encourages me to keep doing my 30 days program, such as: "Hi Keith, would like to say thank you for sharing with your video, It is big help for me to improve my profile, can't wait for more upcoming videos and learning from you. thank you so much."

Yes, yesterday, I shared how to create a great LinkedIn profile. Check out my video for FREE.

Just like my Facebook Page, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and visit my FREE resources hub.

All the links appeared in my profile, or you can always send me a Direct Message (it's Free).

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles #humanresources #hr

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