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How to Fix Your Resume When it Did Not Help You to Get an Interview?

How to Fix Your Resume When it Did Not Help You to Get an Interview?

Here suggested some ways for you to do the rescue!

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What do you need to change now??

1. Pick the Best CV Format!

-- Simply because a poorly formatted CV will get you discarded in the first impression.

2. Start with a CV personal profile (or the summary)

-- To highlight your career progress & accomplishment

3. List your relevant work experience & key achievements

-- Seems easy for you? But I'll tell you something that you don't know!

4. Put relevant skills that fit the job opening (i.e. the keywords)

-- That's where you can bypass ATS

5. Complement your CV with a Cover Letter!

-- But do not just Copt & Paste

- Also, remember to be concise & consistent with your CV layout.

- Don't include any photo, graphics, table, and irrelevant/old Info.

Hope it helps! If you need my support & CV template, please do:

- Like and share this post

- Comment: Resume

Complete the steps, I will send you the link to download my PDF resources.

Welcome to contact me if you need any personalized career help.


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