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How to find a job on LinkedIn? 👇 (NO CLICKBAIT)

How to find a job on LinkedIn? 👇 (NO CLICKBAIT)

1. Go to the company page and check for people.

2. Find a relevant person (For ex. CEO, HR Director, Recruiter with at least 500+ connections)

3. Send a connection request with a HIGHLY personalized note but DON'T' ask for the job here.

4. After he/she accepts you... Don't Send your CV directly but do some nurturing.

5a. Find out the Similarities and Talk about their achievements, and business situation, etc.

5b. If they're producing content, engage (like/comment) with it, and also endorse them.

6. Now here's the time to take the HELICOPTER SHOT. But... Don't ever say you need a job...

7. Ask for a referral, tell them about your work experience but keep it sweet and simple!!

8. If this doesn't work out, go back to STEP 1, and talk to other people.

I understand this is a slow process but an effective one, please build a relationship with people first!

Who's with me?

I have got at least 5 Interview opportunities in a month by following the above steps.

Comment: "It Works" below and inspire some other people to a job through LinkedIn.

Take Action! Try doing this and show some love ❤️

Thoughts? 👇

If you need help with your job search & your CV, send me a direct message to discuss more!

#jobseekers #linkedIn #hr #jobs

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