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How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile!

How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile!

Everyone needs Personal Branding in the Social Media world.

Do you know there is something called: "Social Selling Index" Score for you via LinkedIn?

And it's FREE, the score changed every day, automatically scored by LinkedIn!

So how effective you are at establishing your professional brand?

How good you are connecting with the right people & building relationships?

LinkedIn's Big Data & Analytics will tell you, and compare it with your network and industry!

What you need to do to increase your personal branding, some quick tips:

- Choose the Right profile picture

- Add a Background photo

- Make your headline more than just a job title

- Turn your summary into your story

- Grow your network, engage people with insights, deliver value & help them!

- Finally, tried to input every field in your LinkedIn to become the "All-Star" level.

You can post more often, comment often, and this will increase your credibility!

LinkedIn profile is different from your static Personal CV.

Create your profile as if you are having a conversation with someone!

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And don't forget to share this post & care for your network!

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