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How to build your LinkedIn Presence with NO Online skills or any Knowledge??

How to build your LinkedIn Presence with NO Online skills or any Knowledge??

You can GROW your Following by doing these 8 things below 👇

1. Build your personal brand and have a great LinkedIn profile so that people come to you rather than you go out to reach them by Direct Messages every day

2. Understand your audience and post something they are looking for or write for people that haven't seen you before to get the awareness

3. Leverage organic traffic and share marketing contents to promote yourself, your products or services, so that you can generate leads and sales consistently

4. When posting, don't tag a brunch of people or use more than 5 hashtags, and all your posts should be short, sharp pain that help people

5. Pick only less than 3 topics that you want to discuss, and dominate the market and become a thought leader

6. Stay active on LinkedIn, build relationships with other influencers by commenting. Try to post 4 times at the same time every day

7. Stay active with your post during the first hour, and try to respond to anyone that leaves a comment on your content so that they can engage and come back to you

8. Of course, use some tools to keep track of your performance and the post reach & views. Learn, try and change as well as model other people!

Since I've posted 963 times in 2020 and grown my following from 12K to 120K+ in just 14 months.

I can generate unlimited leads every 5 minutes (ie. 300 DM+ every day) and earn 6-figures side income passively in a few months.

I want to share with you all the mistakes and what works for you in my 2-hour presentation.

I will share my 5-step "Winning Formula" and secret with you, ie. basically everything I know and my experience.

This will help your personal branding as well as monetize your LinkedIn following easily.

If you are interested to learn and go through my journey, all you need to do is: 👇

- Follow Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer

- Like and share this post

- Leave a Comment: "GROW" below so that I know how to connect with you and then send you the link & details

I can't wait to empower you and help you to put the above tips into practice and continuously guide you to improve your posting and content views.

You can also claim a FREE Scan & Audit your LinkedIn Profile too.

Let's Win The LinkedIn and visit my profile, check the "Featured" section, please!



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