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How to Build A STRONG LinkedIn Profile? 👇

How to Build A STRONG LinkedIn Profile? 👇

Networking is important and Linkedin is a resource to help you Approach Anyone! Agree?

10 Ways you need to do to have an effective profile...

1. Make sure you have an Appropriate Headline

2. Display Professional Profile and your background picture

3. Personalized your LinkedIn URL to become professional

4. Enter at least 1 and all important details for your Work and Education

5. Offer your value statement and contact details (Call for Action) in the Personal Summary

6. Make your work experience keyword-rich, just like SEO

7. Get endorsed for the right skills and expertise

8. Join relevant groups and be active!! Make your profile public too!!

9. CONNECT; Like, Comment, and Share other people's posts! Make friends with them!

Final tips - utilize the Featured Section, add links, images, videos, etc...

If you want to have better personal branding or want to know how to grow your Connections...

Even if you want to monetize & earn a passive, side income...

I have 2 hours of LinkedIn Training + Quickly Scan & Audit your profile.

Interested to learn how to WIN your LinkedIn Game... please:

- Leave a Comment: "Check my profile"

- Follow Keith LAU

- Like and share this post!

I will then send you the link and details. Cheers!


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