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How I was headhunted - without sending my CV

How I was headhunted - without sending my CV

After I changed my career to the Recruitment industry in 2010.

I joined a boutique search firm & registered my LinkedIn account.

Later on, as always, directly approached by several other recruitment firms.

I don't even need to send my CV & I'll get Interviews or offers.

Of course, you need to have a LinkedIn presence & a great profile.

LinkedIn profile is a little bit different than your static CV.

For example, being a formal document, CV is limited to a few pages only.

CV supposed to send it directly to a particular person or company.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a social medium that builds your brand.

You could communicate & build a relationship with others.

There are no restrictions on how you should represent yourself.

CV will always have a concern with the tone, wording, format, etc.

People will usually use bullet points & without tables, pictures, etc.

However, LinkedIn profile is different & everything is real-time.

If you want me to review & have a better CV & LinkedIn profile, please do the following:

-Follow Me

-Comment "Review" below

-Share this post, write: Follow #nextRoles

-Notify me & send me a DM (it's free to do so)

I'll then send you the detail afterward.

#humanresources #management #careers

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