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How Being A Taker helps you become A Giver?

How Being A Taker helps you become A Giver?

When I first register my LinkedIn account in July 2010, I know nothing.

I started at a small boutique recruitment firm as a Consultant.

The company only has 4 staff. After optimizing my LinkedIn Profile,

I got approached by many other renowned recruitment firms.

Since then, I know the tricks and rely on LinkedIn to change my jobs without applying many times.

I also created a LinkedIn Group focus on Sales & Marketing professional in Hong Kong.

I did not promote this at all, but organically, this group grew to 2800 members today!

If you are a Sales & Marketing Professional or want to do business in Hong Kong.

If you are HR or Recruiter, who wants to offer jobs to Sales & Marketing professional in HK.

Welcome! Please, you are INVITED to join this group, full of 2800 HK professionals.

You can discuss anything and promote your products or services too!

If you want to become a Giver, if you want to contribute to the #linkedIn society.

I would encourage you to join this LinkedIn Group -

You will meet a lot of like-minded people in Hong Kong. and they are open to connections!


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