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Hiring managers, do you remember you were jobseekers too?

Hiring managers, do you remember you were jobseekers too?

Companies asking candidates to give up hours of their time to Interview by phone, Zoom, and in person.

They even asked for presentations, business cases, problem-solving (or Free consultation).

And then??

The company sends an automated-rejection email from a "Do-Not-Reply" email address.

It's fair?? What do you think?? Comment below! 👇

PEOPLE is the biggest competitive advantage in your company.

Perhaps it's time to start treating candidates like HUMANS!

If you need help with your job search and secure more Interviews...

I want to provide my ATS-Free CV Template and 100 mins FREE Masterclass to teach you the skills...

Interested to receive the link and learn more, please do:

- Like and share this post = caring for your own networks :)

- Comment: "FREE" so that I know how to send you the link

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice in the future

Follow #nextRoles hashtag too and I will send you more details soon.

I can't wait to empower all of you!


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