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Hiring Manager said:

Hiring Manager said:

You are 8 minutes late to this Interview. Why?

Candidate with his clothes are wet, said:

Sorry, because of the traffic congestion!

I tried my best and I was always on time.

But Hiring Manager said:

Sorry, you should respect our time!!

We need someone to be committed to this job.

In fact, if someone is late to a meeting, let's not degrade or intimidate them.

Indeed, we should see how we can help them. The interview is a two-way street.

The hiring manager should respect the time of the candidate too!

What do you think??

The above situations happen sometimes?

Honestly, I don't think candidates want to late... Maybe the candidate doesn't know the way to your office.

Give someone a chance and we need empathy as well!


In case you need any help with your Career, CV, Interview, or Job Search Direction and Strategies.

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