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Hey! Are you free this evening?

Hey! Are you free this evening?

He: Sorry, I have a boyfriend!

Hey! No worries. Do you have spare time for me??

He: But… I have to call a food delivery at 6 pm because of the lockdown!

Hey! Doesn’t matter, I have a 100 Minutes FREE Masterclass want to share with you.

So that you can learn 3 Critical Career Skills when you are eating your dinner at 6 pm!

I will share with you the following, for FREE:

- 3 most important elements that can stand out in your resume in 7 seconds

- 2 most powerful interview answers that will likely get you hired & lasting impression

- 1 winning action step to get an immediate reply from HR & Hiring manager

If you are interested to learn these lifelong skills while waiting for food delivery, please do:

- Like this post

- Comment: Masterclass

- Follow Keith Lau 🔆 Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice

Send me a direct message, so that I know how to send you the link.

Share this post if you think your friends want to learn more! Hope it helps!


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