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Have you learned any new skills in the Year 2019?

Have you learned any new skills in the Year 2019 or have you done any significant achievements or projects so that you can include in your Resume?

Since I’ve determined to help people and offer Career Advice, I have pick-up some online skills:

- Creating Contents and Graphics with some tools

- Manage website, integration with online payments

- Video Editing (from preparing the equipment to film, to the end product)

- Setting and Run Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, and other social media pages

- Re-marketing and add tracking scripts

- Google Analytics, AdWords, SEO, and read those analytics/tracking reports

- Produce and configuring Online Webinar and Courses

- Mini-programming for Messenger Chatbot

- Self-learning to research about how others doing things

- And lastly, I developed lots of useful tips and advice to help you!

🤷‍♂️ How about you? Do you want to learn something relating to HR and Recruitment, and understand how it works?

👉 Here is a great chance for you, NOW – we have a NEW, Online Webinar (or masterclass). I would say, on-demand e-Learning, and no booking is needed.

Contact me for more information.

#HumanResources #Recruitment #HR #eLearning #Career #Resume #JobSearch #InterviewTips

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