Happiness is a CHOICE. Do you want to be happier & healthier??

Happiness is a CHOICE. Do you want to be happier & healthier??

What You Really Need is the MINDSET!!

We often hear people say:

If I earn that much money, I will be very happy!"

"If I get promoted to that position, I will be happy!"

"If I can do XXX (fill in yourself), then I'll also be happy!!"

But my understanding of happiness is...

You don't need ANYTHING to happen in order for you to feel happy.

Think about it... why children always smile??

You don't need anyone to do anything for you to feel happy.

You could feel happy right now for absolutely no reason.

So, SMILE now! haha!!

You don't need your promotion or your career or money to be happy!

You don't need to do anything to PROOF how happy you are.

Money cannot buy happiness!!

Even if you are unemployed and seeking jobs for some time.

Spend more time with your family & you will be happy!

Agree? Tag a friend to cheer him/her up!

Comment what do you think!

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