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Great BOOK to Share!! 👍

Great BOOK to Share!! 👍

“Lay an Egg and Make Chicken Soup”

Recently came across Arie Brish’s best-seller business book!

This is a hands-on guide that everyone needs to read it...

Help you with all the moving parts and potential blind spots in commercializing innovation.

As an HR person myself, I was immensely impressed that the author dedicated a full chapter (Chapter 15) to HR topics!

Talk about innovative organizations, both in large companies as well as human challenges in start-up businesses.

This was music to my ears.

Lay an Egg and Make Chicken Soup is industry agnostic!

This also covers new ventures, innovation process in large establishments as well as a refreshing existing small business.

It is a serious business book, well written in an entertaining easy to read flow.

The case studies are global including several from Asian-based businesses.

Worth to Read. Good work Arie Brish

Appreciated your insights!

New Release and quickly became Top Ten Best Seller

More info at Amazon (link in the comment)

#innovation #business #sales #marketing #humanresources

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