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👏 Good news to those who are struggling to get 'PASS' Interviews!!

👏 Good news to those who are struggling to get 'PASS' Interviews!!

👍 Like this post & Comment "Interview", I will then teach you how to answer the most common Interview questions below 👇

Do you know not all the Interviews are scheduled?

Employers can do it anytime convenient for them.

Have you experienced a recruiter call you and start asking questions immediately?

How to perform an Interview with NO time to Prepare?

I have compiled some questions most likely will ask you in my Interview Guidebook.

1. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

2. Why are you looking to change? What interests you about this job??

3. What kind of value can you bring to this role?

4. Tell me about the major achievement of your latest job.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

6. What is your current salary and expected salary?

Recruiters do this screening call to quickly eliminate you in the process.

Do you know how to handle phone Interviews and leave a good impression?

If you want to download my Interview tips and watch my FREE Masterclass...


- Follow Keith LAU

- Like & share this post

- Write "Interview" in the comment

Send me a DM for more advice related to interview skills!

I can't wait to help you!!


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