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Good CV vs Bad CV – How to Tell the Difference?

Good CV vs Bad CV – How to Tell the Difference?

A good CV gets you to Interview, a bad one doesn’t help anything.

I've reviewed many thousands of resumes every year, so I want to provide some tips, insights & improvement for you.

Recruiters spent less than 1 minute in your resume so how can you stand out from your competition?

--> What makes a good CV? Great format and layout.

Bullet points, short sentences & appropriately used words to describe your achievements.

--> What makes a bad CV? Difficult to read and badly structured.

Too fancy but contains vague statements & too much irrelevant or outdated information

I've created a checklist that tells you what to include, what is optional and what you should not include in your CV.

If you have this checklist so you can go over your resume right now & compare the good/bad examples.

The PDF that I’ve prepared helps you to avoid the common pitfalls founds in many CVs.

Please do the following:

1) Send me an invite to connect with me (I’ll accept anyone)

2) Type “Checklist” in the comment below & Tag a Friend

I will send the PDF to your inbox directly. So you & your friends can avoid mistakes of the badly resumes and reduce the chance of being rejected in the job application.



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