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Good CV gets you to Interview, a bad one doesn't help!

How to Tell the Difference Between Good CV or Bad CV?

Good CV gets you to Interview, a bad one doesn't help!

People spent 7 seconds in your resume so how can you stand out from the competition?

What makes a good CV?

Great formatting & Simple layout.

Bullet points, short sentences & appropriately used of action verbs to describe your achievements.

What makes a bad CV?

Difficult to read & badly structured.

Too fancy, tables, and contains vague statements, or too much irrelevant or outdated information.

I've created a checklist that tells you what you have to include, what is optional & what you should not include in a CV.

If you have this checklist so you can go over your resume right now & compare the good/bad examples that I showed you.

The PDF that I've prepared helps you to avoid the common mistakes & problems founds in many CVs. Worth to read!

This is my 2nd week of 30 Days Program, you can watch all my LIVE videos in FB & YT.

And you can also register my Free ZOOM Group Coaching Call this Saturday at 11pm (HKT).

Please do the following:

1) Follow Me for career Advice

2) Type: Checklist in the comment below & Tag a friend

3) Like & Share this post, and I will send you the link to ZOOM & download the PDF for Free.

If you are my 2nd or 3rd connection, remember to send me a DM, so that I can reply to you!

Keith Lau #careers


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