Getting REJECTED applications?

Getting REJECTED applications?

If you are consistently getting rejected or not hearing back at all at the application level... please 👇👇

1. Make sure your resume is compliant with Applicant Tracking System software.

(I have an ATS-Free CV Template which can help you)

2. Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is synchronized with your resume.

(I have a LinkedIn Branding Training which can help you)

3. Make sure you meet 60%+ of the job requirements, especially any MUST haves.

(I have a Free 100 mins Masterclass to teach you how)

4. If it asks for a cover letter, send one.

(I do have a Sample Cover Letter as well as Template, you can check my recent posts!)

Rejection by anybody is painful.

Make sure that YOU aren't contributing to your own misery!

Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

Follow #nextRoles hashtag or send me a DM to ask for my FREE Resources Hub!

(Which have more than 680+ articles cover everything you need for CV, Interview...

Careers Direction, Job Search Strategies, LinkedIn Tricks, and other tips!)

Interested to receive the link of my ATS-Free CV Template & Free 100 mins Masterclass...

Please do:

- Like and Share

- Follow Me

- Comment: "Resources"

I will then send you more details.

Can't wait to help and empower more people!

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