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FREE Webinar!! (LinkedIn Influential Power)

FREE Webinar!!

James Lee MBA (Melbourne) & I decided to give back to our connection.

James doubled his followers using our "method" in less than 2 months. It is interesting to find out why & what exactly he does?

Many people probably admired the amazing number of followers, but they never know what the efforts behind?!

Apparently, there were lots of works done before, e.g. countless number of videos shot, #LinkedIn live streaming, webinars, sharing, giving tips, etc

To gain perspective, we plan to share our knowledge for FREE to add value to our connection.

Title: Dialogue to grow your Influential Power @LinkedIn

Speaker: Keith Lau & James Lee

When: July 6, 2020 (Mon), 10PM (HK Time, UTC+8)

Our topics:

1. Sharing of our Journey to become Influencers

2. Sharing of how to grow your Followers

3. Sharing how to nurture with your Followers

4. Benefits of Strong Personal Branding

5. Monetization and Client Pitching

6. Hosting webinar: Do and Don't

7. Coaching as a Career

8. Personal Branding Introduction

9. Networking Effectively but not Blindly

10. Conclusion

Please do the following if you wish to join:

1. Comment "Join"

2. Like & Follow Me

I'll then send you a personal invitation to sign up for this precious webinar.

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