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Forget sending CVs and Try to build a relationship with people now.

Forget sending CVs and Try to build a relationship with people now.

What's the result of sending CV? No, just wait for the HR to call you.

Most of the time, your CV will be ignored or rejected by the ATS.

But if you build a long-term relationship with good people.

What's the result? They will refer you to a good job opportunity.

What's more? They will also tell you more insights and help your Interview!

You will become friends and able to work together in the same company.

So relaying on LinkedIn to connect and know more people.

Definitely have a better return on investment and outcome.

Take the initiative Rather than passively waiting for companies to come back with you.

Do you agree with my strategies and directions?? Comment below!

If you want to know more and exactly how to do it.

I can share with you steps by steps and what's the tips and tricks for using LinkedIn.

How you can find out the contact, build trust, and relationship with Recruiters or hiring managers that you don't know.

Interested? Please do:

- Like and share this post to your friends

- Comment: "LinkedIn" so that I know

If you complete the steps above, I will then send you more details.

Hope it helps!


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