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“Follow your passion!” <-- This is poor career advice!

“Follow your passion!” <-- This is poor career advice!

Nowadays during COVID-19, we all need a job!?

Passion often leads us to hobbies... Instead in your CV, you should focus on 3 things:

--> Your Strengths

--> Market Demand

--> Your Achievements

Because your transferable skills are the most important thing!

Companies want you to bring your experience and contribute them!

For strengths:

We hire people based on their strengths and what they are good at, right?

Market Demand:

Focus on industries that are still hiring like crazy and add the keywords which they listed

Your Achievements:

Focus on the measurable results and prove that you have done something similar in the past

So if you want to have a job, secure an offer & unlimited Interviews.

Please: Don't follow your passion!

Follow the market, your strengths, and your achievements.

If you need help with your CV and Interview, Job Search Direction, and Strategy…

Please like this post and leave a comment: "Masterclass" below; then

Send me a direct message and I will reply to you with a link for my 100 mins FREE Masterclass! Hope it helps!

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