Find Your Ideal nextRoles in a Month!

In order to help people with a better career change, we have prepared the Masterclass Bundle with the topic - Find Your Ideal nextRoles in a Month!

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It is specially designed in 2.5 hours Webinar format, and we will cover the following:

1. Introduction Quick Understanding of the typical hiring and job seeking cycle

2. Do you need a career change now? 5 Steps to a successful career change

3. Job search strategies – 5 Tips for an easier job search in 2019

4. Checklist for a winning resume – 5 Resume sins to be avoided

5. Interview preparation – 5 Ways for you to excel in the first 10 minutes of the Interview

6. How to answer difficult Interview questions? 5 Smart strategies to answer the Interviewer

7. How to demonstrate your ability and convince your Interviewer? 5 Key questions to ask during Interview

8. Salary negotiation skills – Top 5 salary negotiation tactics – 5 Factors to evaluate for Salary Proposal

9. From offer acceptance to on-boarding: 5 Important areas to consider

10. How to adapt to the new company? 5 Methods that working effectively with your new boss and colleagues

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