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Find Your Ideal Next Roles in A Month!

How’s your job search now?

Just wondering are you able to talk to your HR colleagues or any of your friends that you are considering a career change?

Are you able to find your answers from the Internet??

I guess not.. perhaps you may need someone to talk to or recruitment expert to point you to the right direction.

My Webinar Preview - I have created this Specialization Course to help people who would need immediate help on their CV and Interview skills as well as help you to understand how does HR and Recruitment industry works, particularly in this market situation?

I am the one who has successful Recruitment Agency background as well as In-house HR working experiences, I have led a team of 4 to hire all levels of roles in Hong Kong and in the Asia region for my previous companies.

Here is the preview of my 1.5 hours Online Webinar which held successfully for my subscribers before (English version)..

If you would like to learn more, feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn and I will accept anyone and reply if you have specific questions regarding your jobs and hiring. Thank you!


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