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Feeling empowered because I use my power to empower other people.

Feeling empowered because I use my power to empower other people.

My content generated more than 2.3M views since I started in Dec 2019.

Last week I've max out of 30,000 connections!! So grateful.

My followers increased from around 15K to 30K now.

One of my posts have more than 513,000 views and 900 shares.

Every 2-3 hours will have 99+ people connected with me.

Every minute will have 1 or 2 people viewed my profile.

BUT.. guess what? I just deleted almost 700 old connections! Why?

I want to help more people and make room for you to connect with me!

By the way, last week I have a discussion with my HR friends and networks.

I've got a list of 40 Favorite Interview Questions with Expert's Answers & Guidelines.

My previous post for this was having more than 550 comments.

Sorry and to be honest, I can't reply to all comments.

Are you still interested? Let me know if you want to get this for FREE?

And if you want to surround yourself with people who empower you to become better.

Please do the following:

- Connect with me (Last Chance!)

- Write "Question" in the Comment

- Share this post = caring your own network

I will send you the "List of 40 Questions" for FREE right away!


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