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Every time when I changed my boss (immediate supervisor), it will always be a disaster

During my previous work, every time when I changed my boss (immediate supervisor), it will always be a disaster.

Have you experienced something like that? I'll always have problems to adapt to the new working style.

How to adapt to changes in sudden management changes and how to deal with a new boss?

The worst case is to leave the organization because getting used to new management can be tough.

So I would like to share with you the quick tips and mindset for all of you.

1 – Build trust with your new boss, choose to be optimistic and schedule meetings or 1:1 to show goodwill

2 – Adapt to your new boss working style quickly and forget the old & usual practice with your previous boss

3 – Embrace changes, learn more from your new boss and build up the working relationship. It’s a good chance for you to develop further skills.

4 – Always communicate, proactively tell your new boss your expectations and want to be part of the new team to deliver great results

5 – Get clear on what decision your new boss wants to make, think about it thoroughly and then follow the instructions.

Part of adapting to a new boss is making a good impression.

Try to take on more responsibilities and working the extra mile will get you noticed.


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