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Every Motivational coach says:

Every Motivational coach says: you should have a goal and plan for next year.

How about your Career?

Do you think you need to review and ask yourself these questions?

Because failing to plan is planning to fail, so you need to understand your current situation and work ahead.

1 – What career goals you want to accomplish? This is for you to position for your growth

2 – Was I happy doing my job and in the current field? This is for you to know if you are passionate about your work

3 – Could you do better in your current job or different job? This is for you to know what kind of drive and commitment you need

4 – Anything you would change if you could? This is for you to learn from your mistake or missed opportunity

5 – Do you need to equip more skills, and how? This is for you to think about if you need to upgrade yourself or take any class or training to improve and sharpen your skills.

You are the only person responsible for your career!

If you need any help or career guidance, you should talk to your Recruitment Adviser.

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