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English is not my first language & may not be your mother tongue as well.

English is not my first language & may not be your mother tongue as well.

If you have mistakes in your CV, what's the impression for your HR or Hiring Manager?

Not sure in other countries but in HK, although we speak Cantonese & write Chinese.

We all need a CV in English & most of the time use it to conduct Interviews.

Would you agree it is important? Do you want to learn how to perform better?

Coming Topic: How to Quickly Improve your English for your Job Search?

When I first started in Dec 2019, I produced some career-related content.

But some of my connections even 'Circle' all my grammar and typo.

People also inbox me & said if I can improve my English, my post will have more views.

So on March 16, I would like to invite Michael Rincon to talk about English for your Job Search.

I saw some of his training & YouTube videos, he can teach you practical business English.

For example in your CV, the tense, the grammar, the proposition & verbs you should use.

Michael will also suggest vocabulary you can use, so connect with him to learn more!

I also develop a FREE CV Guide Book that can help you to write/build your resume.

So if you want that CV Guide, please do the following:

- Follow Me

- Comment "CV" below

Then I'll send you the details :)


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