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Employer of Choice is More Important Than Ever. Why?

Employer of Choice is More Important Than Ever. Why?

Employer Branding is needed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Hiring might be slow down & business will reassess their strategies.

Because companies face challenges that they did not encounter in the past.

They might have budget issues, so previous plans & activities changed.

I have arranged a meeting with companies to discuss their branding projects got canceled.

They think this is not the right time to fill job vacancies with this current situation.

And they need to work on other things to support & care for their employees.

Such as allowing flexible work arrangements & extend IT support for remote work.

Monetary support & allowances needed to purchase health & hygienic supplies.

Or even review their existing wellness program & perhaps organize health talks.

But do you agree, this is also time to invest in employer branding for now & the future?

Some employers are doing the right thing in the coronavirus crisis. Some aren't.

Therefore my coming LinkedIn Live, delighted to have Sam Neo as a guest.

He will be telling you more about his insights & the suggested strategies.

March 25, 2020 (Wednesday) at 10:00pm (UTC+8 / Singapore Time).

Stay tuned & delighted to share with you & answer as many questions from you!

Keith Lau #nextRoles


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