Employee: I can't join the meeting this afternoon because I lost my dog.

Employee: I can't join the meeting this afternoon because I lost my dog.

Boss: Not a problem, text me if you feel emotionally OK and early leave today.

Employee: I am sorry, I am having an early lunch with my sick grandparents, I'll be online after!

Boss: Please do not apologize, enjoy every single moment with them.

Employee: I have to see a doctor today but I'll be in as long as I have internet in the waiting room :)

Boss: Understood, take care, I will see you online :)

Employee: Is it possible to talk about my future and growth within the company?

Boss: Yes, let's start having weekly 1 on 1s and discuss your career path!

Everyone has a life outside of work and everyone needs a break to recharge.

We need work-life balance and TRUST from the boss and company.

Making sure there is transparency with your managers and co-workers!

This is how you can motivate talented employees who are passionate about their work.

We are all human and in this together, Let's help each other out in their difficult times!

Agree?? 👇

From Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

Send me a DM if you need any personalized career help.

I'll then send you a link to my FREE 100 mins Masterclass to teach you Career Skills!!

#jobseekers #management #leadership #business

#humanresources #nextRoles

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