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Easy! 5 Steps to bypass ATS

Easy! 5 Steps to bypass ATS

Whenever I saw a nice job opening I would like to apply.

But when I clicked, then links to their corporate website. Hm...

I don't know whether it is Taleo, Brassing, or Workday.

I just know it is really troublesome & may need to spend a lot of time.

I only want to apply & my CV reaches to the HR.

So, what are the ways to Bypass these Applicant Tracking Systems?

1 - Don't Apply! Haha.. It's your own choice

2 - Print out your CV & mail it to the company

3 - Ask someone else to apply it for you. But how?

4 - Send an email to the Company like other general email inquiries

5 - Find out & contact the responsible HR or Hiring Manager

Some of the ways may seem to be a joke to you?

But what would you do to bypass ATS for a job application?

On last Feb 25, 2020. I had a Live Webinar with 124 registered participants.

The Topic: What are the creative ways to change jobs without applying in 2020.

I have provided tricks to bypass the ATS.

If you want to learn more or have the recording.

Please do all the following & I'll send you the detail afterward.

- Follow Me!

- Write "Recording" in the comment

- Like & Share this post, to show your love to your own network

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

#nextRoles #humanresources #management #careers

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