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Does Career Coaching really work?

Does Career Coaching really work?

Is there any coach ever helped you?

You will say: They are very expensive and they are not giving you a fish!

Have you come across people who have worked with coaches to be more appealing than others?

Most of the coaches are "you can do it!" motivational types because...

They don't need to find jobs themselves!

What do you think? 👇

I've worked with 2 career coaches, one was a terrible experience and one was fantastic!

The terrible experience was a Free Hour of coaching with my alma mater's coach.

Only talking about goal settings & personality test, which did nothing to help me to find a job!

Another 'second coach' teach me steps by steps, move by move, work side by side with me!

I can ask any questions & have career clarity, what I should do next.

Tell me what's the issue of my CV, Interview, Career Path & Job search direction.

Indeed, also provide hands-on tips and knowledge, and demonstrate the results personally!

The Coach also supports you weekly, helped more than 150+ people as well.

If you want to work with the "second coach", let's do it every week, please do:

- Like & Share this

- Comment: Career

- Follow Keith Lau for Career Advice

I will then contact you for the details!

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