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Does anyone hate ATS?? 👇

Does anyone hate ATS?? 👇

If I've already uploaded the CV, why do I need to input it again? 🤣

Can you relate when you are doing #jobsearch?

ATS means Applicant Tracking System and they need you to KEY IN everything...

Otherwise, this 'smart system' will not allow you to submit your Application!

and normally it does require at least 10 minutes for each job application!

Some ATS use AI to automatically toss your application too!

Tell me more about your previous job search experience... 👇

And how many times you will hear feedback after applied??


Do you think you need an ATS-Free CV Template??

If you are interested to receive the link & details...

Please do:

- Comment: RESUME

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

- Like or share this post so as to "Inspire" more #jobseekers!!

I do provide FREE Resume Cheat Sheet and FREE 100 mins. Career Masterclass to teach you how to deal with ATS.

Visit nextRoles page for more details or Send me a DM!

I can't wait to discuss more with you and empower you!


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