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Do you want your CV stand out of crowd?

Do you want your CV stand out of crowd?

You should be heard of tailor-made resumes for every role you’ve applied.

But actually what do you need to do?

It’s easy, you just need to update the following sections:

- Change your Summary and Experience according to the Job description, and it is important for you to emphasize your industry experience and achievements as well.

- Quantify your success and consider incorporating numbers, percentages, or increments, etc to demonstrate your previous work and project success.

- Highlight your Awards and Recognition obtained, or even attend any courses or training related to the job, the company or within your industry.

Finally, remember when describing your previous work, you should focus on how you solved the problems and added values to your role. I hope it helps and adds value to you!

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Do connect with me as I helped more than 450 people find their ideal nextRoles.


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