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Do you love to work in a foreign country?

Do you love to work in a foreign country?

Opportunities sometimes may not be available in your home town.

Recently if you can't find a job, why not try or consider job opportunities in Hong Kong?

We want to offer you a fresh perspective, in exploring job opportunities in Asia, particularly Hong Kong.

In this exclusive live webinar, we'll share with you the secret tips for landing a job in Hong Kong as an expatriate or gaining a local employment contract.

If you are interested, please do:

👉 Follow Keith LAU - Your Talent and Business Winning Partner

👉 Click "Like", and

👉 Comment "Join" below!

Send me a direct message if you need more personalized help.

Complete the steps, I will send you the link to join this Exclusive LIVE webinar on Dec 2nd (Wed) at 9:30 pm (UTC+8).

About Speaker and Host:


James Lee is Business Director of Blackletter Advisory and Executive Coach, having hosted for more than 50 webinars since covid19, contributed actively to the LinkedIn community as an active LinkedIn member with 19k+ Followers.


Keith LAU is a Hong Kong native resident, International Career Coach, and LinkedIn Active Influencer with 70k+ Followers. Keith is Your Recruitment Adviser and LinkedIn Branding Trainer as well.

*Closing date for sign-up: 29 Nov


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